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Children giving us mangos 43 kilometers of sand Wahahahahashboard 1000 times on and off the bike today Truck without a problem Heavy bucket full of mangos All on their way to the market Photo taken without permission according to police officer Buying bread for 15 eurocents Market Walking a national sport Entering Guinee Mango tree Old man biking Lizzard by our bedroom window Long long road to Labe Are these mushrooms? Banana cakes African piste In a tiny village between Koundara and Labe The cutest girl Filtering water at the local well Posing for the photo Heavy weight Bush camp under a mango tree Hi there Women getting water Early morning start Hold your breath p1000939 I dont like this! Silly looking face masks against flies In the middle of nowhere The "city" of Koensitel Overloaded car So happy to get a ride Breakfast in Labe Labe Creative boys Who needs Toys-R-Us? Kitchen of restaurant Calabasse in Labe With Anzala and Geraldine at the market in Labe Lots of Eurocents Around Dalaba View of Dalaba Village in the Fouta Djalon Deforrestation Every cow has its own bird Bush camp between Dalaba and Mamou Village boys checking us out Camping by the mission school in Mamou Building a mosque After the rain storm In the jungle Sub-tropical forrest Transporting Guinean bauxites Beautiful bike ride 'Verrassende groente' Colorful lizzard Monkey for dinner Leaving the Fouta Djalon With our bikes in a hotel room