Resting under an olive tree Specialty of Madrid Camping in an olive orchard On the road to Toledo Traditional bar in Toledo Cathedral Toledo Necessary break Modern sunflower field Shadows Open fields Looking at an antique olive press Antoine ploughing the fields Testing self-timed photo Overlooking a lake Firestation in Ciudad Real On a Spanish firetruck Don Quichote at noon (Ciudad Real) Camping wild Chickpea soup Cloudy sunset Up before sunrise Sunday morning sweeping top of the pass Churchtop stork´s nest Mountain village Welcome to Andalucia Taking a roadside lunch nap Mosque Cordoba Cordoba A moment of humour Birthday cake and Cappuccino Birthday dinner Cordoba Sunset in Almodovar Strong rock proof tent stakes Almodovar Sunset in Almadovar Preparing dinner Real oranges Cathedral in Seville Seville Palm tree sunset Flying vulture Vultures in a field Lighthouse Atlanterra Pushing bikes uphill for 3 kilometers Sunset over the ocean Sleeping next to a toilet Waiting for a package Spanish sunset Leaving Camping Tarifa